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[icon] *you make alleys pop. you make bodies drop.* _☆urban barbie☆_<3
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Subject:strange, weird, odd.my day off.
Time:09:09 am
weird strange feelings, odd ends and beginnings.I've been in the oddest mood latley. Not neccessarily a bad mood but odd. I'm happy, i love my boyfriend, i'm happy in my life, i like my new friendships...i'm missing something. i do miss old friendships, maybe that's it...i'm confused. work is going okay, i work alot especially this week but my hours are pretty cool. I love "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind" it's one of my fav movies ever im watching again right now for the 100th time. Clemintine reminds me so much of myself it's almost uncanning. I would never go and erase the memories of my boyfriend but it's so crazy how their relationship mimics ours and in so many ways we do and say the same things...weird. John watched it with me last night and all he could do was laugh at the little things the character "Clemintine" does and says in the movie...me i've seen the movie before but not since we've been together...i just sat their frozen...laughing occasionally at the way they behaved together...just WEIRD. i feel like im living in a movie this morning all i can think about is how strange that is. I love us.

so this weekend i work but im gonna try to escape early b/c it's Justin's birthday and it's my brother's i have to make time somehow...especially since i planned Justin's i cant nOt be there.

me and john never agree on what women are beautiful in movies and such ...the woman he thinks are beautiful are kind of "odd" beautiful...we hardly ever agree on those things. he always says im the most beautiful girl hes ever seen...i wonder if that makes me "odd" beautiful. people say that to me alot...and im not being "conceided" i just wonder if they say it because im "odd" beautiful...okay that sounded weird, nevermind. John also says he hates blonde so i dyed my hair the color he picked out a few months ago(wich has some blonde in it)...but he likes Charlize Theron. maybe i'll go back blonde.

ill be around later.

_"i could die right now, im that happy...ive never felt that way before...im just exactly where i want to be."_

weird mood, definetly.
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Subject:making the best of my life the way i want to. the end times are near.
Time:02:09 pm
smokes,a new yummy lipgloss & mint mocha frappucino-the things dreams are made of.

So I feel terrible that I missed Mr.Jeff's b-day bash this past weekend & i really wanted to be there. I had so much going on I barely had the time to blink. but i really hope he had a rockin time and everything went well. I can't wait to hang sometime mister i'm sorry i couldnt make it. As some of you know I just started a new job and their hours kind of have me all over the place...one day i work nights the next it's at the butt crack of dawn and i've just been tired. that and everyone's b-day's seem to be this month (my baby's son Justin's was yesterday, my brother's is the 22nd, my cousin Mikey's is the 22th...then Oct is my cousin Jess's-17TH, my cousin Brandon's-26TH, my G-ma's-27th, and then MiNe!! =)THE 26TH...got it now everyone remember that!! =P

bleh, so work is going alright though the schedules suck. I Love my boyfriend very very very very very very much. he makes me so happy =). I miss Gayle i dont see her as much...for those of you that don't know she's expecting!!! =-o & im the Godmamma of course =D. hmmm...and by the way i miss alot of you (you should know who you are) and i wish you'd contact me sometime and quit being such dicklicks i moved twice in less than a year and things got a little crazee for me ive lost so many #'s it's not funny so leave me some love sometime if you still care.

***on greater news my sister Kara is doing well for those of you who know or don't know about her, she was born with level 3(most servere)spina bifida and she is paralized from the waist down. she just turned six months and has had five surgerys already. she is the strongest most beautiful angelic little angel you'll ever meet. it has been hard, really hard and most frightening thing i think ive ever been through. shes a very big part of my life and i love her more than anything...im not only her big sis but im also her godmother too =). big blue eyes,blonde hair, amazing smile and a giggle that makes everyone melt. Everyone should see her she's truly an angel.*** (i have a million pictures, anyone with a picture phone and wants to see send me your address i have tOns of cute pics) =)

::sigh:: so last night i baked Justin his b-day cake and then stayed up until 4:30 w/John drinking vodka tonics and melon wine coolers...i was very hungover this morning. now i have to make a trip to Scott's and get a new tire for my car, shoe shopping b/c my doc martins KILL my feet at work and then pick Meg up and get alcohol cuse tonight's Wed(John's poker night) and that means i'm partying...again. =) better get moving.


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Time:10:44 am
outfit-cute dock martins, dark jeans,red & pink peasant flower top w/small black cardigan. hair side swept in a pony tail and small crinkle cut earings...hopfully not to much of a lazy look for them...but i don't really care.

My friend Kim has got me a job (for NOW) working at Walts in Crete. I'll be working in the Deli(wich pay is much better there than anywhere else in that store). I'm not excited. I really don't think i fit the "old ugly fat lady" discription very well so i'm not sure how well i'm going to fit in. At least it's something for now, hopefully soon i'll get a secretary position or something of that nature but for now it's a job. John told me that it really wasnt manditory that i work(which really calmned my nerves b/c i'm not sure how long i'll stick around with this job) but i just can't sit at home all day cleaning, cooking and hanging out. Today will be my second day (kinda)and i'm really not nervous at all...which is strange normally my tummy would be turning knots. Maybe that's a good thing...well i better go before i'm late...
work sucks.

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Time:10:20 pm
New screename!! xAt0micAngelx (the o being the number 0)

that's all for now time to party!! ;)
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Subject:he writes on mirrors.
Time:12:38 pm
he writes I Love You on the bathroom mirror with soap. Almost everyday i come home to something so unbelievably sweet. Flowers, girly shower stuff(if i get anymore no one will be able to fit in the shower anymore) lol, notes left on our pillows that make me float on air and my favorite is turning the light and looking in the mirror to see "I LOVE YOU INFINITY" written on the mirror. Every morning we race eachother to see who says first, "Iloveyouinfinitycallyoucan'tcallinifinity"(say that 5X fast=)....now that i'm FINALLY starting to beat him at it he writes it on the mirror =p. Before i kept screwing the words up and it kept comming out funny...and that doesnt count lol.

oh how i love him<3.

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Time:12:14 pm

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Time:11:30 am

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Time:11:40 am

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Time:10:31 am
for everyone's information i do not belong to a community called "we're not hungry" ....why my info says i do i don't know?? ...that's all.

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Current Music:Misfits
Time:10:03 am
Current Mood:rushedrushed
Oh wow it's been 4ever =-0!! I almost forgot I even had this thing. Well I moved to Beecher quite a few months ago and told barely no one. I live with my wonderful <3 of my life John and his two little boys right on Goodnow. It's a huge house w/lots of land and not far from where I used to live. Just now trying to get the word out to everyone and new numbers...so if anyone wants to know them leave me something so we can keep in touch (if anyone still reads these things =P). I miss eVeRyOnE I hav'nt seen so many people in such a long time hopefully some of you get back to me on that. We have awesome of the hook parties almost every weekend,it would be the greatest to see some old faces again. Well there's so much to say and so little time to say it all but i'll be back!

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Current Music:modest mouse-the moon and antarctica
Subject:"If you read this page, then that'll mean you're dead"-modest m
Time:11:28 pm
We're leaving for CaNaDa early tomorrow morning! mhm..excited.<3

...for some reason this quiz would'nt show up...http://www.kwiz.biz/showquiz.php?quizid=68 ....but my answers turned out pretty funny, go see? =p -> fill it in as Amanda,19,scorpio, pink&black

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Subject:☆i want you all tattoed, i want you bad☆
Time:11:02 am
This weekend was fun...exhausting but fun. =)

Thursday went out to dinner w/Gayle,Traci and Dan. Our waitress was a MAJOR dicklick! She took like 20 mins just to come to our table to found out if we were ready to order!! I went up to the manager and asked "what, are all the waitresses on break or something??" he kindly apologized and sent her over and she looked at us and says "so, are you going to order or not" %#@^*%$ Dan was like "uuh yeah we were waiting on you for almost 20 mins...it's been so long i forgot what i wanted now you're gonna wait for us" hehe Dan<3. Then after that was Jeremy's party. Got hit on WAAY to much but it still was lot's of fun.;) I got to see some people I hav'nt seen in awhile. Met a guy named Brian that claimed he knew me though I did'nt recognize him at first because he lost over 100 pounds!! Shortly I figured out who he was and that he knew my greatest lady friend Jess & had a great conversation with him Jason and Gayle till about 6am.

Friday I went to aNoThEr party with a whole bunch of my friends in BI. I did'nt get home until about 9am and ended up missing my hair appointment (dammnit). I was supposed to get more light blonde put back in my hair and maybe black or red streaks through the blonde but unfortunately that did'nt happen. So i'm rescheduled to do so at 9:00pm tomorrow night yesyes.

SlowJam3282 (11:00:05 PM): I dont know! I think u looked even hotter as a blonde! Altho i couldnt see u very well the other nite!
SlowJam3282 (11:10:10 PM): ooh u looked beautiful with dark hair. Whatever u dye your hair, your personality is great and u r always very beautiful.
PrettynPunk69 (11:11:16 PM): awwws, thankyou vury much.
SlowJam3282 (11:12:28 PM): Ok, i told the truth 4 the nite. Im gonna pass out now! Nite manduh! ttyl :)

sweet boy =)

Saturday, I felt like crap. Way to much drinking and not enough sleep. So I missed my friend's show I planned on stopping by on (CUP)<3. & I decided I was going to stay home & rest...but that did'nt happen OF COURSE lol. I always say that and about 15 mins later i'm getting ready to go. Talked to Aaron while he begged and begged me to come over b/c he was having a "party" and he promised to make me feel better...sooo I gave in and had him come pick me up around 12. Watched him, matt, steve and craig punch eachother in the balls (seriously) lol, talked to Kandice & Manda, Steve made my hair pretty?, got my eye poked out by aaron(jerko =p) and almost got puked on by his brother. Geezzah, i'm just SO happy I decided not to stay home and rest. Then I had to drive Aaron's car back to my house and we hungout there and passed out at god knows when.
All in all it turned out to be a kewl night.<3

Sunday dinner w/ my Daddy and...my car is FINALLY fixed!! New headlight and all. =p

Officially 2 more days till we all leave for Canada! I'm very excited it's going to be fun ;). camera(check),bug spray(check),bikini(check), sandals(check),party clothes(check), $ to party(check). 10th-13th, we should be home sometime Sunday? Who knows, all I know is it's going to be a total blast. mmhmm =p

::Happy belated B-day Heather Feather!!loveuloveu::

...how does "T" say it?..."End Transmission".

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Subject:nanana booboo
Time:02:56 pm

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only 93% wtf!? haha j/k =p.

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[icon] *you make alleys pop. you make bodies drop.* _☆urban barbie☆_<3
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